The original idea for this Bob Marley Song Around The World was born back in 2013 when the PFC crew first visited the Congo.  Mark asked himself, “How can we live in a world that allows people to live like this, with virtually no food, no money, and no hope?” The lyric, “Things are not the way they used to be…one and all got to face reality” came to mind as he looked out into the river of garbage running through the city. “Natural Mystic always felt so deep in its groove and lyrics and it seemed as important and urgent as what I was seeing all around me,” says Mark.

We need to rise up and make the planet a better place right now for ourselves, our children, and all living things. “Just a Little Bit” written and performed by Paula Fuga was added as a medley to “Natural Mystic” to take the music from minor key to the major key—from the darkness to the light.


"If you listen carefully now you will hear
Such a natural mystic
Blowing through the air"

Bob Marley

Lyrics and Chords



  • Full Credits

    "Natural Mystic" written by: Bob Marley

    "Just a Little Bit" written by Paula Fuga

    Brad "BW" Watanabe: Electric Bass

    Courtney "Bam" Diedrick: Drums

    Donald Kinsey: Electric Guitar

    Innocent Esiaku (ATD Horns): Trumpet

    Irie Love: Vocals

    Jack Johnson: Vocals/Guitar

    Jason Tamba: Vocals/Guitar

    Kainani Kahaunaele: Vocals

    Lee Oskar: Harmonica

    "Lopaka" Colon Jr.: Percussion

    Mermans Mosengo: Vocals/Guitar

    Mike Love: Vocals/Guitar

    Paula Fuga: Vocals

    Roberto Luti: Steel Guitar

    Washboard Chaz: Washboard

    Yu Hatakeyama: Percussion

    Ziba Badja (ATD Horns): Tenor Saxophone