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Tony (Eiji) Hayashi

Chiba, Japan


At the age of 4, Tony surprised everyone around him by performing his own piano arrangement of Beatles songs. He has possessed good ears for music from a very young age.

Going on to study classical piano, as well as musical grammar, composition, and ensemble, Tony participated in the Junior Original Concert in Japan at age 11, with his own piano composition. And since, he has taken up other instruments such as guitar and drums, and other genres such as rock, pops, soul and R&B, leading him to realize the importance of arrangement.

Recognized for his perfect pitch and fantastic use of chords, Tony has supported live performances of various musicians and bands. From delicate and warm sounds to dynamic and aggressive performances, his command of sound not only moves people’s hearts but also has great influence on the performances of vocalists and guitarists. Musicians from various countries enjoy working with him.


Chiba, Japan

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