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The Nazareth Orchestra

Nazareth, Israel


The Nazareth Orchestra specializes in performances of classical, traditional & Arabic music, played with traditional acoustic instruments. Fearuting the finest Arab, Jewish and Muslims musicians and singers from Nazareth and Galilee, the musicians of the Nazareth Orchestra are ambassadors of peace. The Nazareth Orchestra has played in festivals throughout Europe and the United States, and have collaborated on stage with world renowned artists such as: Radiohead (UK), Yassmin Levi (Israel), Omar Faruk Takbilak (Turkey), The London Sinfonieta (UK), Rediodarwish (Italy / Palestine).

How we met:

Crammed into a taxi with the Director of the Nazareth Orchestra, Eli Grunfeld, our crew watched the Israeli landscape slowly change from flat grasslands around Tel Aviv, to the gently rolling hills of Galilee. The drive from Jerusalem was long, but any weariness our commute had imparted on us melted away as we were greeted by the orchestra member’s smiling and hopeful faces.


Nazareth, Israel

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