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Stefano Tomaselli

Pisa, Italy


Stefano Tomaselli is a saxophone player from Pisa, Italy. He starts playing at the age of 13 and a few years later starts studying with saxophonist Dimitri Grechi Espinoza.
His early interest and curiosity in discovering differents cultures brought him to move to Barcelona at the age of 20, where from he had the opportunity to play in many different musical context, from traditional jazz to salsa, soul, funky, latin jazz, afroperuvian jazz, world music, afrobeat, freejazz, improvised and sperimental music.
This baggage of experiences helped him to grow both as a musician and as human being, and allowed him to travel around Europe, Kazakhstan and central America.

How we met:

We met Stefano performing on the streets in Barcelona, Spain. We became instant friends, and collaborated on “Stand By Me” and “Chanda Mama.” Music is an extension of his life and the source of our connection.


Pisa, Italy

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