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Sandra de Sa

Río de Janeiro, Brasil


Sandra is a singer and songwriter, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who’s talent has been illuminating Brazilian popular music for more than two decades. Her artistic versatility and her tone of voice allow her to sing samba, blues or jazz with an incredible intensity. Her voice and personality attracted brazilian singer Cazuza to a friendship that went beyond the professional realm. Sandra was considered by Cazuza as the brazilian Billie Holliday and she is a great exponent of lack music influences in Brazil. In 2002 she released a tribute album to Motown where she sings some of the Motown hits in portuguese. Along her musical career Sandra worked with artists such as Djavan, Marian Lima or Carlinhos Brown and has released more than 10 studio albums in Brazil.

How we met:

While we were recording Satchita we were constantly on the hunt for a strong female vocalist. Our guide, Yara, was able to introduce us to one of Sandra´s background singers, who hooked us up with Sandra. She was touring nearby, and we were fortunate to catch her! It was raining on the only day she was in town, so we actually recorded her inside her manager´s office!


Río de Janeiro, Brasil

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