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Noel Schajris

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Noel Schajris was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After working from very young in his career as a soloist and composer, he moved to Mexico in 1997 and subsequently recorded his first album, “Cita en la Nubes”. One year later Noel met Leonel Garcia, another great songwriter and performer, and immediately discovered the ideal formula that would unite their talents to form the successful duo Sin Bandera.

Since its debut in 2001, Sin Bandera has surprised audiences with its compositions and vocals. “Come into My Life,” the first single from their eponymous album became a success to be followed by many more. The group was consistently at the top of the charts until 2008, when each of its members decided to continue their journey as a soloist. Noel is currently working as a composer and in 2009 released his second solo album, Uno No Es Uno.

How we met:

Noel met Enzo Buono in India where they collaborated on their first album together. They’ve been friends ever since, and have recorded songs together in India, Mexico and the United States.



Buenos Aires, Argentina

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