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Nikola Zoric

Serbia, Novi Sad, Voivodina


Nikola Zoric was born in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia and still resides there today. Nikola began his music education at the age of 8, attending a music school called Josip Slovenski, where he learned to play accordian, piano, and tambura, the national instrument of Panonian region. Since then (1993), he has played in various orchestras. Today his main instrument is the tambura, which he plays in a ensemble called Zorule. He is trying to bring this traditional instrument of the Panonian region to the rest of the world. As he says, “with the help of PFC we are getting closer to our mission.”

How did you meet PFC and how was working with us?

I met PFC after the concert at Street festival in Novi Sad 2012. I loved working with PFC and experiencing something different and meeting other people.


Serbia, Novi Sad, Voivodina

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