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Cesar Pope

São Paulo - Estado de São Paulo, Brasil


Brazilian musician and composer lived in Europe for 20 years: Barcelona, Hamburg and Rome performing with his band Boizebuh at in important music festivals in Spain such as Festival Internacional de las Culturas Pirineos Sur in Huesca, Aragon and mainly in Catalunya in Festa de la Diversidad SOS Racisme, Barcelona, for many years.

After participating in the recording of the Playing for Change video Stand by me, he returned to his country to launch his third CD, Ave Cesar Pope, which was recorded in Brazil, Spain and Italy. This CD counted with musicians from different parts of the world just as the previous ones, Boi Boom Bah and Boizebuh, which are based on the Brazilian popular music inexhaustible source so to give a multiethnic form to the proposal.

Strongly influenced by The World Music due to his visits and researches around India, Turkey, Europe and Brazil, Cesar Pope uses exotic instruments and electronic music to create unique sounds which characterize his diversity in a mixture of elements that combines the authenticity of the songs with the professionalism of the musicians who perform in the recordings as well as in the concerts.

How we met:

We met Cesar on our first trip to Barcelona, Spain in 2005 while working on our Peace Through Music documentary and beginning to record our first songs around the world, “Stand By Me” and
“One Love”


São Paulo - Estado de São Paulo, Brasil

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