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La Bamba Performance Contest

Somewhere in Italy: Roberto and Clarence – Tunnel Jam


star Here’s your chance to be part of a PFC video AND win a Fender Standard Telecaster guitar signed by PFC Band members and Grammy Winners, Los Lobos!

star Simply submit a video of you (and your friends, family, community, etc.) playing or dancing along with the instrumental track of “La Bamba” and post on your favorite social network, tagging your video with #PFCLaBamba.

star Our favorite clips will be incorporated into the new “fan version” of the video by Playing For Change. The Grand Prize winner for best performance will receive the signed Fender guitar and the top 4 contestants will receive copies of the new PFC3: Songs Around The World CD/DVD!

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Check out the original PFC Song Around The World video here:


download new

As PFC musicians do, listen to the instrumental track through headphones while recording so it’s not included in the sound. If you’d like to record only dancing, feel free to play the instrumental track aloud. Perform the whole song or just your favorite part (a verse, chorus, or solo). Feel free to sing, dance, and/or play any instrument — be creative and have fun!

how to film AND RECORD new

Shoot preferably outdoors. 2 camera angles maximum (of the same take). Your camera must have a microphone even if you record the audio separately. Use any decent microphone and hardware to record and ensure the sound isn’t distorted. You can even use your iPhone!

how to submit 2 bamba

Post on Post a private video and send an email to with the link and password to access and download the video. Make sure you’ve enabled the download of the video in your vimeo settings.

OR send file via email: You can also send us a download link (to through WeTransfer, Hightail or via FTP. Please send us the video and the audio in separate files. Name the files: “œla bamba_your name_take or camera.”

Then post on social media: Upload your video to your favorite site (Youtube, Vine, Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter) so others can enjoy it, and don’t forget to tag it with #PFCLaBamba!

Deadline: August 25th!

specs new
(If you are just posting your performance and not submitting to be a part of the fan video, feel free to record the video & audio however you wish!)

Video: HD .mov file / H264 or MP4 / 1920×1080

Audio: Wav or AIFF, Stereo or Mono, -24 or 16 bits in 44Hz




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