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Greetings From Jamaica!

I originally wrote this blog high in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica last week– unfortunately we did not have internet access in that beautiful part of the world, so I am only just now able to post it, having just gotten back to LA…


Wow, it feels great to be in Jamaica. Such a beautiful place with beautiful people. Naturally, with that comes beautiful music. We have only been here two days and have already met, filmed, recorded, and embraced some of the most talented musicians we have ever encountered. A big thank you to Courtney and Sean Diedrick, who showed us some serious love and not to mention brought some serious fire to our songs. After landing in Montego Bay we shuttled to Discovery Bay to film at some extraordinary and “œreal” Jamaican locations. From Discovery Bay we crossed the island through mountains to Kingston. As I write this we are 4000 feet up in the Blue Mountains outside of Kingston. Truly a country filled with a rich culture and proud people. You can feel the history and legacy that Bob Marley has left here as one of the great ambassadors of music and peace in the world. No place is this more evident than in Kingston. I can’™t wait to see what tomorrow brings


Its all about RESPECT here in Jamaica. Earn their respect and they will certainly win yours.

One Love,



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