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Family Reunion

I was in a Playing For Change Foundation board meeting when I got the message: Jason Tamba and Mermans Mosengo have landed– they’re in a hotel in Marina del Rey.” The meeting had just adjourned, and I couldn’t help but smile. The last time I had seen my friends was December in Madrid– we had just concluded an unforgettable tour (almost thirty shows over the course of 6 weeks)– and now here they were in LA! My brother and I drove straight from the meeting to their hotel; sheer joy as we hugged our hellos!

We headed back to our home in Venice and caught up. Before too long our conversation turned to the band’s upcoming tour (which, or course is why Jason and Mermans were in town). My brother and I had just picked up an advance copy of the band’s about-to-be-released live performance film, and we thought it would be fun to watch it together. Just as we popped in the DVD, Mark and Raan showed up– perfect timing!

I could not have predicted the impact that pressing “PLAY” would have on me. I have been watching cuts of this film for the past six months. I knew every word that our band members were going to say, and every note that was going to be played. And yet as I watched Jason and Mermans watch themselves– larger than life– I was overcome.

The gravity of this project was hammered home for me. Years of traveling the world, meeting people who became my family; who opened their lives to our crew; who left their homes because they felt a connection to musicians across the planet; who created a band that connected the world… seeing the joy in their faces at the realization of a vision so powerful– it left me speechless.

The group migrated to our backyard fire pit, and the evening was transformed into a campfire acoustic jam that beckoned the neighbors to come and join. I am so thankful to be a part of this project, and it is a true honor be able to contribute to its message being shared with the world. One Love!

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