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Drums and Dancing at the Beach

Today we drove to a beach about 45 minutes outside of Dakar to film Baaba Maal’s talking drum player, Massamba Dioup (who is out of this world!). He brought with him a couple other talking drum players he performs with, as well as six of Baaba’s dancers who set the sand flying. As they began to play and dance, children and adults from the neighboring village gathered around to enjoy the show, and even joined in the fun with some impressive moves of their own! The children in particular took great joy in watching the musicians and dancers, and their presence added something so special to the energy of the afternoon.

The performance lasted a little over an hour. The drummers’ rhythms swirled with the dancers’ colors and choreography to create a truly mesmerizing experience. By the time the performance ended dusk was upon us (and the rising tide was only a mere few feet away from swallowing our recording gear).

We packed up quickly and headed back to Baaba’s house to thank him again for arranging such a beautiful day for us, and to say our goodbyes to our new friends. Tomorrow we are planning to head back to Baaba’s house to film and record him again with more of his amazing musicians. As Mark said earlier this evening, “the music never stops.”

Peace and Love from Senegal!

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