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Over the course of the past four years the Playing For Change crew has had the privilege of meeting amazing people all over the world. During our travels we have explained PFC’s principles, values, and mission to many people in many languages.


Today we had the opportunity to speak with several groups of people who share PFC’s goal of connecting the world through music. Our morning began with an interview at InterFM with an amazing radio host, Peter Barakan. On his show Mark explained how Playing For Change began, what we are all about, and where we are going. Following the interview, we returned to our hotel where we spoke with a group of journalists from Sotokoto, a socially conscious magazine based in Tokyo. Later in the evening our hosts here in Japan officially welcomed us with a beautiful reception dinner. We screened some of our new Songs Around the World (that we will be adding Japanese musicians to this week!) and again shared PFC’s principles and values, hopes and dreams. All these conversations were made possible by the assistance of amazingly talented translators.


Life is a creative teacher. Over the course of the day something resonated for me in a way that it had not previously– at least not consciously. Hearing Mark’s words translated into Japanese– his pausing between thoughts to allow for the translator to speak; the light of comprehension sparking to life in his listeners’ eyes; the conversation resuming; the pattern repeating again and again– after so many years of participating in this global movement, I was overwhelmed by its power in a way that I had not been since the first time I watched Stand By Me. The experience occurred to me as a poignant reminder of humanity’s desire for connection. And that just as translators make it possible for us to communicate here in Japan, so too can music help unite us all if we choose to listen.


Tomorrow is our first day of recording, and the whole crew is very excited to get under way. I look forward to continuing to share our experiences with the Playing For Change Family all around the world, and encourage you to spread the love and stay engaged.


Oyasumi nasai from Tokyo!

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