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At minute 1:25 in the video, there is a female singer and ukulele player from Chicago. In which other Song Around The World does she appear? Find this video on our website to reach your next clue!


This song was co-written by Mermans Mosengo and my brother, Greg Johnson, a few years ago while we were on tour with the PFC Band. The simple message and anthemic chorus made me really excited to record it as a PFC Song Around The World. We started under the hot African sun in the village of Lukala in the Congo and we added musicians wherever we traveled for the past few years until we finally added the final piece with Grandpa Elliott playing the harmonica solo in New Orleans. Someday we’ll all be free, until then, music is our ammunition.

– Mark Johnson, PFC Co-Founder

"From the Congo to the Mississippi I want to see people living free"

Greg Johnson & Mermans Mosengo

Lyrics and Chords



  • Full Credits

    Written by: Mermans Mosengo, Jason Tamba and Greg Johnson

    Carl “C-Wyya” Edwards: Electric Bass

    Courtney “BAM” Diedrick: Drums

    Grandpa Elliott: Harmonica/Vocals

    Jason Tamba: Acoustic Guitar/Vocals

    Keiko Komaki: Piano

    Leon Mobley: Djembe

    Mermans Mosengo: Acoustic Guitar/Vocals

    Renard Poche: Trombone

    Roberto Chietera: Percussion

    Sarah Marie Young: Ukulele/Vocals

    Vasti Jackson: Guitar

Recording Locations

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Lukala, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

New Orleans, LA, USA

Chicago, IL, USA

Browns Town, Jamaica

Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

Matera, Province of Matera, Italy

Hattiesburg, MS, USA