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Bienvenue au Mali

bienvenue au mali

After sharing one last magical night of music with Baaba Maal in Dakar, the PFC crew has just arrived in Mali. The Playing For Change Foundation’s next school is being built in Mali, and we’re here to begin work on that– and of course to keep finding more amazing musicians to add to the project as well.

Tomorrow we are heading out to the site of where the new school will be built– a village of Griots (the musician’s caste in West Africa) about an hour outside of Bamako. Mali is the right at the heart of West African music, which is the root of so much of the music we enjoy today– rock, blues, jazz– it’s all from here. We are only going to be in Mali for a short time, but I can already tell we are going to find a tremendous amount of inspiration during our stay…

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