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Baaba Maal’s concert in Dakar

We spent another amazing day with Baaba Maal yesterday. He invited the PFC crew to his home in Dakar to share a festive meal with him in celebration of Tobaski. It was an incredibly special experience for all of us– not to mention delicious! Following the meal we spent some time discussing the history of music in Senegal with Baaba, and he explained the special role griottes and musicians in general play in society here. It was also very interesting to learn how Senegalese society takes care of its musicians, with gifts of money, goods, food, livestock– and more!

Following our time at Baaba Maal’s home, we went to a large open air stadium downtown where he was performing. We set up to film the event, but none of us were prepared for the overwhelming energy of the show. When Baaba came out on stage, the crowd ignited, and everyone’s excitement only went up from there. The performance was a blend of music and dance with brilliant choreography– it surpassed all my expectations and was unlike any show I have ever seen.

It was a late night last night, and the crew is just now waking up and gathering gear. We’re meeting in the lobby of our hotel in an hour and will be heading back to Baaba’s home to add him and some of his musicians to our new Songs Around the World. More to come…!

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