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Another Amazing Day with Baaba Maal

We met up with Baaba and his band this afternoon at his house and have been filming and recording him for the past 12 hours straight. His music is so powerful– you don’t have to be able to understand the lyrics to be awestruck by the beauty of his songs’ melodies and his amazing voice. After recording three or four songs with his band, we started working with his some of his musicians one at a time, adding them to our new Songs Around the World. As of today we are up to six musicians on our first track, representing three different countries.

We filmed and recorded until the light was gone, then lit a lantern and sat in a circle w/ Baaba and his band. They performed an other worldly campfire-style acoustic concert that grew and grew in numbers. In the beginning there were only 8 or 10 of us, but by the end of the evening we were surrounded by a few dozen of Baaba’s friends and family all singing and celebrating with us.

Around 11:00PM the crew and I headed to the stadium where Baaba would be performing, to setup our gear. He took the stage around midnight and performed until 3AM! Unfortunately we had to stop filming around 2 o’clock because by that point we had shot through every memory card we had brought with us– what a day!

The crew and I are now on our way back to our hotel in Dakar– I’m actually typing this posting from the back seat. We’re all looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep, and then are planning on taking the day tomorrow to go through all the footage we have shot since arriving in Senegal four days ago– we’ve been so busy filming and recording that it’s been difficult to keep up with it all… but of course, that is a good problem to have.

Peace and Love from West Africa!

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