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A Magical Evening in Seville

What an unbelievable night of music, dancing, and good vibrations we all shared last night in Seville. The venue was packed to capacity– it was standing room only (or more appropriately, dancing room only!) for the crowd, but no one seemed to mind getting a bit cozy with the people next to them for the two and a half hours the band performed.

We could feel a tangible energy in the air as everyone took the stage. All the planning, promotion, rehearsing, traveling, and excitement of the past few months had lead up to this exact moment, and it was so palpable you could practically taste it. Grandpa was the last musician to make it to his place, and as soon as the crowd caught sight of him they all began to cheer “GRANDPA! GRANDPA! GRANDPA!” in chorus. In that moment the smile that lit up his face told a beautiful story of perseverance and grace.

The show was absolutely electric. Though the musicians that just toured North America hadn’t played together for three weeks, they sounded just as tight last night as they did at the end of the tour in Vancouver. The addition of Roberto, Stefano, Pierre, Francois, and Hugo to this group took something that was already great and elevated it even further. And with Mr. Reggie McBride slinging the bass again, all these amazing musicians were in lock step with each other. The PFC Band was joined by a number of local favorites as well, including Pitingo. What a show!

We’ve just checked out of our rooms in Seville, and are about to board the bus to Madrid. Though it’s a long ride, I am sure the time will fly with all of us together– I look forward to filling you in from Madrid, and will post photos from the show soon.

Peace and Love from Seville!

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