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A Family Roadtrip

We woke up this morning and checked out of our hotel in Seville, and are now traveling by bus to Madrid. As I write this, we’re about two thirds of the way through the 350 kilometer journey, but the time has been flying. For the past four hours the back of the bus has been one big jam session, where a constantly changing group of musicians are singing, playing, and writing music. Mark Johnson and Jonathan Walls have turned the middle of the bus into a screening room, where they are sharing videos of the various shows the band has performed around the world this past year (don’t worry– we are planning on releasing these soon!). Meanwhile Enzo Buono has transformed the front of the bus into an editing studio, where he’s working on mixing the new Songs Around the World we just began in West Africa. And while all this has been going on, I have been sorting photos from the past few weeks (10 gigs down, 30 to go!). Jonathan Walls edited this short piece together so that you could share in the fun with us, I hope you enjoy it:

We’re due to arrive in Madrid in a couple hours, at which point it will be full steam ahead as we all prepare for our final concert of the year on the 17th. We’ll be adding Venkat and members of the Sinamuva choir to the lineup from last night, and will be performing in front of the largest indoor audience we’ve ever had. If you live anywhere near Madrid, I would not miss this show– More Fire!

Peace and Love from the road!


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