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A Family Gathering

After tonight’s rehearsal the crew and band returned to the hotel to quickly clean up and drop gear, then we all headed out for Tapas. We are a large group– over 20 people in all– and finding a Tapas bar that could accommodate us was no small feat. However after a half an hour of roaming the streets of Seville (and doubling back on our route more than once), we ended up finding a restaurant that was perfect.

A couple dozen plates of tapas and a few bottles of wine later, we had managed to wile away 2 or 3 hours over joyful conversation and excitement about the next day’s show. The excitement was not just about performing together, but more about everyone coming together again. Over the course of the band’s 5-week adventure across North America last month, this group of musicians became more than a band– they became a family. And after not seeing each other for the past couple weeks, bringing everyone back together again was cause for a celebration in its own right.

It wasn’t long before our group was one of the only tables left, and we decided we should all be on our way. While everyone finished their last glasses of wine, Clarence and Mermans entertained us (and the couple at the other remaining table) with a cappella versions of a selection of the band’s set list. It was another beautiful evening with the band, and we can’t wait to share the same energy with the crowd tomorrow night!

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