Thank You For Another Great Year! | Best of 2018 Photo Album

This year was a great one for all of us at Playing For Change. We are thankful for all the people we met, and all the music we enjoyed! Above all, we are deeply thankful for all the love and support you keep giving us – together we are connecting the world through music!

This year we released our “Listen To The Music” album, featuring 12 Songs Around The World and many amazing musicians, and we are happy to share some photos with you!

Watch our “Listen To The Music” videos here.

Recording Bombino in Niger.


Recording the magical saxophone of Karl Denson in New Orleans.  (Sax player for The Rolling Stones and founder of Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe.)


With The Doobie Brothers in Los Angeles, California.


Alice Tan Ridley (Roger Ridley’s sister) in New York.


A little bit of Ukelele with  HIRAIDAI in Japan.













New Orleans icon “Washboard Chaz” for our song “Natural Mystic/Just a Little Bit” and “Everlasting Arms.”

Our film crew in Havana Cuba.


Recording Char in a breathtaking Shrine in Tokyo.



Also, we were very grateful to receive an amazing  set of headphones from our friends at Audio-Technica, for our Playing For Change Foundation students in Kirina, Mali and in Kathmandu, Nepal.


We also released a beautiful medley “Island Style – ‘Oiwi E”  in a collaboration with our friends from Mana Maoli, in Hawai’i.


We were very happy to have Grandpa Elliott back for our Songs Around The World, “Bring It On Home To Me” and “Congo to the Mississippi.”  


Some beautiful faces while filming in The Congo.


And to close an amazing year, we had a wonderful tour with the PFC Band in Brazil.

We even had a marriage proposal on stage!

Had an amazing time as guests at Domingão do Faustão, national tv show!


On behalf of all the PFC family, we wish you a 2019 full of laughter, joy, love and music!



50th Anniversary of (Sittin’On) The Dock of the Bay | Otis Redding

In the 50 years since its release, “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” has become a timeless classic of Otis Redding‘s and a permanent landmark in our world’s musical history. By the age of 26, his music had reached the heights of Ray Charles and Sam Cooke, and touched the ears of millions of listeners from across the world. Despite his passing at an early age, Otis Redding left a legacy of music that will continue to span the generations as songs like “Dock of the Bay” retain their relevant nature and timeless touch.


As a young artist, Otis Redding was already bursting with talent. He began as a gospel singer in the Vineville Baptist Church choir where he also picked up the guitar and the piano, and later, drums. By age 10, he found weekly employment singing on WIBB radio in  Macon, Georgia, and later, compete in a radio talent show called, “The Teenage Party,” which he would go on to win 15-consecutive times. Having left school at a young age to support his family, Otis Redding‘s future was now beginning to reveal itself, and upon leaving his home in Georgia, he and his sister, Deborah, would make the move out to Los Angeles where he could officially begin his career.

It did not take long before Otis found his rhythm, first through his recordings of popular ballads, and later by writing, recording, and performing his own songs. Some of his greatest work includes, “These Arms of Mine,” “Try A Little Tenderness,” “Respect” (yes, that Respect), “Mr. Pitiful,” and “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay.” At the height of his career, “Dock of the Bay” would become Otis Redding‘s most successful song, with its final version recorded just days before his untimely death at the age of 26. “Dock of the Bay” marked a transition in Otis’ career that was highlighted by his masterful expression of soul, coupled with the gentle despair of the blues. Throughout his career, Otis Redding maintained an articulate simplicity in his songwriting, filling the space with just as many words as emotions, once saying:

“There is beauty in simplicity whether you are talking about architecture, art or music.”

-Otis Redding

50th Anniversary

At Playing For Change, our appreciation for the work of Otis Redding goes back to the very beginning with Roger Ridley‘s unforgettable performances of “Stand By Me” and “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay.” In honor of his influence within our organization, and in light of the impact his legacy has had on connecting the world through music, we partnered with the Otis Redding Foundation and Princess Cruises to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Dock of the Bay” with its very own Song Around The World. Featuring artists Jack Johnson, Corinne Bailey Rae, Aloe Blacc, Otis Redding III, Dexter Redding, Otis Redding Foundation Students, and more; this video takes you from the San Francisco Bay to the streets of Barcelona to the seas of Jamaica and beyond.

“This was such a wonderful way to celebrate 50 years of ‘(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay,’ and certainly an appropriate and heartwarming way to honor and remember the legacy of my husband.”

-Zelma Redding, President of Otis Redding Foundation

Peace Through Music

With special thanks to all those who participated in the 50th anniversary tribute to Otis Redding‘s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay,”  we are proud to announce that the proceeds from this video will benefit the Otis Redding Foundation and the Playing For Change Foundation. Both organizations support youth empowerment through music education, and further our mutual dream to bring peace through music.

One Love,

Playing For Change