The Ripple Effect

In honor of the Grateful Dead’€™s 50th anniversary, and in support of the Playing For Change Foundation’s music schools and programs for children worldwide, our friends at JamBase asked us to turn The Grateful Dead’s 1970 classic, “Ripple,”€ into one of our world-renowned Songs Around The World for their “Songs Of Their Own”€ series. We a€™re proud to announce that our “€œRipple”€ video will be released on July 5th as the last in a series of Grateful Dead tribute performances. We started recording and filming the song with PFC Band members Roberto Luti and Jason Tamba while backstage at Byron Bay Bluesfest earlier this year. We then traveled to the ancient city of Matera, Italy to record strings, accordion and mandolins and from there our journey took us from Ghana to the streets of Los Angeles. Everywhere we go we are reminded that no matter how many things in life divide us they are never as strong as the power of music to bring us together. As Jerry Garcia said, “Let there be songs to fill the air…” Final “Ripple” video coming soon…

One love, Mark Johnson



Ripple trailer:



Introducing the PFC PhotoShop App

The entire Zebra team is honored to join forces with Playing For Change to introduce PfcPhotoShop, a new mobile photo experience that allows PFC fans to personalize their favorite PFC photos and shop them on popular products such as iPhone cases, playing cards, mugs and tons more. When Mark Johnson and the PFC team showed us their photo library we were blown away by the richness, beauty and power of PFC’s images. We knew right away that they would be a perfect fit for our technology and give fans an opportunity to experience PFC’s images in a brand new way.

We are launching the PfcPhotoShop with 20 images available exclusively on the new app with five new images to be added to the app every week.

We are excited to partner up with PFC€™ as we share their love for music and firmly believe in its power to end hatred and divisions around the world, heal the people and bring them together to create a loving and prosperous future for one human race.

Download the app here.

Anton Pereiaslavtsev
Venice, California

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