Howdy from Texas!

The Playing For Change Band has spent the past 3 days traveling across the great state of Texas, hitting Dallas, Austin and ending tonight in Houston at the House of Blues… and I must say, Texas likes to dance! The crowds have gotten so into the shows here that they’re up and out of their seats, dancing the whole show!

Earlier today, the band made a stop at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center to play for the patients and staff. The center is absolutely beautiful! It was inspiring to see so many people motivate themselves to come see and enjoy the show, despite the hardships they were dealing with. It made us feel very welcomed!

After a long day of travel tomorrow, we’re hitting up Phoenix, and then off to Los Angeles. The southwest has been full of good people, good food and good times. Here’s to a great West Coast welcome!

New Orleans Welcomes the PFC Band!

What an incredible journey! 2 weeks ago, I had the honor of joining the Playing For Change band on their 6 week trip across the country to change the world with peace through music. I have been so blessed to experience the movement that this band is creating first hand. Everywhere we’ve been so far has greeted us with such warmth and love!

We spent a wonderful first week in Park City, Utah, where the band rehearsed and played an incredible first show. Then we flew up to Canada, where we were welcomed by Inn From the Cold, a shelter that provides assistance to homeless families. From Canada we jetted to Atlanta and rocked out at Center Stage. After the Atlanta show, we boarded our tour buses and set off for Asheville, North Carolina, where we played the LEAF festival, which was an incredible and memorable experience! Asheville welcomed the band again at the Orange Peel, where the PFC band performed an outreach for some very excited children! And after a stop over in Birmingham, Alabama to play at the WorkPlay Theater, we come to tonight’s show in New Orleans, where the band is currently playing to a crowd at the House of Blues.

New Orleans is amazing! This is my first time here, and I’ve spent the past 2 weeks listening to Grandpa tell me incredible stories about life here. He was definitely right when he told me about all of the amazing food I’d be enjoying! There are musicians all over the street, playing music for anyone who wants to listen. It’s very humbling to watch people sit on the street and pour their heart and passion into the music they’re playing. You can hear it in every note!

I’m so excited so see what the next 4 weeks brings us. If it’s anything like the past two, it should be full of eye-opening experiences, incredible outreaches, and watching music unite people across this country – and world!

Rehearsal in Park City, Utah

The Playing for Change Band is getting ready to start their North American Tour. This time around, a couple of new players are joining in: from Los Angeles, Luke will grace the keyboards, and from Senegal, Ilemba will be playing the electric guitar. The heart of the band remains the same: Grandpa Elliott, Clarence, Titi, Mermans Mosengo , Jason, Alidu, Peter and Reggie.

With each passing rehearsal here in Park City, Utah, the band is sounding better and better. It is really a privilege to be here experiencing the reunion of these amazing musicians from different cultures playing together, and I cannot wait to witness the impact of them sharing their talents with audiences across North America– beginning this weekend!