Love Rescue Me


A dear friend of mine was married last weekend in Montana. A couple days before the wedding, I was surprised and pleased to learn that she and her fiance had chosen one of Playing For Change’s songs to be featured at their wedding: The Omagh Community Youth Choir’s version (arranged by Daryl Simpson) of Bono’s original “Love Rescue Me.” They asked me to sit in on a rehearsal the night before their wedding, where a band made up of the bride’s closest friends and family was preparing their musical accompaniment for the ceremony. They had a copy of our “Songs Around the World” release, and after listening to the track through a couple times they asked me to talk about the significance of the song.

I explained the history of the choir– that it was founded by Daryl Simpson shortly after a terrible bombing that took place in Omagh, Northern Ireland in 1998. He created the choir in an effort to bring peace and reconciliation to the community and to bring Catholic and Protestant young people together through music. His vision was so perfectly aligned with ours that as soon as we learned about his organization our crew began making plans to film and record the choir.

The healing and connective power of Music touches us all throughout our lives– sometimes in ways so subtle that we barely take notice, and other times so profoundly that our life’s path pivots on the spot, transposing itself into an entirely new key. The next day these thoughts played along in my subconscious as I joyously watched my friend exchange vows with her groom while music filled the air.

PFC Band to play the Santa Monica Pier on July 2nd!

We are bringing in musicians from all around the world — Amsterdan (Clarence Bekker), Congo (Mermans Mosengo, Jason Tamba, and Tshotsho Fikisi), Zimbabwe (Louis Mhlanga), Ghana (Mohammed Alidu), Capetown (Titi), and from the ‘States, New Orleans (Grandpa Elliott), Los Angeles (Peter Bunetta), and Detroit (Mr. Reggie Mcbride) — for what will be an amazing performance!

The show will run from 7PM – 10PM in the pier parking lot (on the pier). The concert is FREE! Get there early if you want a spot on the pier, but don’t worry if it’s full by the time you show up, because you’ll have a great show from the sand as well. Dogs are allowed, just please keep them leashed. You are also welcome to bring your own seating– seats will also be available to rent if you like. Opening for the PFC Band will be Bushman, a next generation Roots / Reggae artist from Jamaica.

Spread the word and come on down– PFC is gonna be goin’ off at the Pier on July 2nd, and we hope to see you there!