PFC in Brazil!

Today, the PFC crew arrived in the beautiful city of Salvador, Bahia in Brazil.  When we arrived, we asked a local if we were likely to find some musicians for our project– they laughed and said, “In Bahia, you shake a tree and musicians fall out of it!”

We have been traveling the world for years trying to build a global community and somehow we knew all along this intention could never meet its potential without Brazil!!  We have received so much love and support while traveling in Brazil and spent the last week recording every day in Rio de Janeiro. It is such a beautiful city full of life and music. We recorded and filmed Samba, Bossa Nova, Reggae, and recently we were given the opportunity to work with one of the greatest organizations in the world, “Afro Reggae.”

This organization works all over Brazil and the planet using the power of music to transcend differences and conflicts and replace them with love, respect and community. They are very well known here in Brazil for all of their work in the Favellas (poorer neighborhoods), and offered us an inside look into their transformational programs. They provided us the freedom to visit some of these neighborhoods and add some of their musicians to our new songs around the world. Our Producer, Raan Williams, told me today, “If there is ever proof that music saves lives, this is it. And if you let it, it just might save yours.”

These are words to live by, and everyday when Playing For Change travels the globe we are always reminded that we ARE the Change we want to see in the world. Music Is Our Ammunition!!!

One Love,