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Love Is All


This Song Around The World episode shows children across the globe performing “Love Is All”. Turn it up, spread it around and lets make the world a better place one heart and one song at a time… Join the movement!!

This video was produced in partnership with Okaïdi childrens clothing stores. Okaidi designed a special line of PFC T-Shirts to be sold in over 700 Okaïdi stores worldwide this holiday season. Okaïdi has committed 1 euro per T-Shirt sold to go to supporting the PFC Musicians and PFC Foundation’s music education programs. We thank them for their generous support of the Playing For Change Movement!

Featured Locations

  • Nimes, France
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Santa Monica, CA, USA
  • New Hill, NC 27562, USA
  • Nimes, France
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Santa Monica, CA, USA
  • New Hill, NC 27562, USA
  • Kampala, Uganda
  • sherree


  • Gerrith

    Great Website! Respect! The kids doing a great job too – The pictures and combinations this time is perhaps more ‘artificial’ then all we did see and enjoy before. Because you film kids is not automaticly great. It must be congruent from the inside out, so we can really enjoy it for many years like the other things you did.
    Keep up the spirit, colors and the warm from the heart, like the first sessions you did film, then it will be unbeatable and unforgettable… !

    • midnightsun77

      Hi Gerrith – I created this video with kids around the world 2 years ago…. (it was edited by a 10 year old and done on a very low budget!) Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY9HieCkT9c

      • Gerrith

        Ok, this does explain the difference in style.
        Keep up the good spirit! Cheers

        • midnightsun77

          Thank you, Gerrith!

        • Diana Dodson

          Ok No not a lawyer just didn’t feel like this is the place to post that kind of comment-Let them do their work in their way. Please no more responses. taking away from the joy I felt

    • Diana Dodson

      Kind of rude Gerrith. Remember love is all we need. No need to be un- kind.

      • Gerrith

        Oh! Which part is rude for you Diana so you like to act as a lawyer? My intentions are absolutely positive. I love and deeply respect >Playing for change< and the most valuable and rare we get from there: It is the passion and joy of all the musicians participating in the movies. I did experience this time there was something missing. You can't take this part away from me and only your opinion is the correct one. I live in a country i Scandinavia where kids are totally protected from they are 0 to 25. Not only when they are sweet and cute. Our filmmakers see it as a task to catch the sparkling and unspoiled, real pleasure in their eyes

  • Gina Nash Koehler

    PFC – these children – all the musicians and staff that put these together — are beautiful people delivering such hope and joy! A children’s album someday?

  • Janusz Mrozkowiak

    All you need is love

  • http://ewaymario.tumblr.com/ Ewa y Mario

    Bonito… pero compararlo con What a Wonderful World es inevitable.

  • connie pinkert

    beautiful,simple,innocent love is all we need.Thank you all for speading a great message

  • kristine08

    Jah children singing his message, to all of we. ONE LOVE, live it~

  • Jj Coho

    Too, too wonderful!

  • Inge Zwerts

    So lovely to see those children making music together (Y) <3 it :-)

  • Inge Zwerts

    Great Website !!

  • Marjorie


  • JimMichie

    Yes! Look to the children for truth, love and caring!

  • Chris

    As we say in France : la vérité sort de la bouche des enfants….

  • Jerry Tamburino

    Thank you!

  • Shirley M. Meckley

    Playing for Change has done it again! What a wonderful video – children and music together for love – brings tears to my eyes!

  • Nel Terzaghi


  • PAscal

    Même si l’être humain me désespère souvent, tous mes espoirs sont résumés dans cette vidéo, merci PFC …..

  • Dean Hinmon

    These children show us the way when singing Love Is All. So beautiful. Their joy in singing together is so inspiring. When our hearts are filled with this love ME becomes WE.

  • Alvaro


  • Shelby Johnstone

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY9HieCkT9c If you love this song, check out “One World One Heart Beating from 2012″. My 10 year old son directed the video while homeschooling. These types of projects are so important to help children have a voice in the world they will inherit!!

    • pierrette

      comme les grands, les enfants …comme des pros. Un grands merci à eux et à ceux qui ont su les rencontrer, et nous offrir ce petit moment comme une fenêtre ouverte pour une respiration de bonheur.

  • http://mcjaco66.weebly.com/index.html McJaco

    Beautiful, the real Life, the real Love

  • Pat Cervantes

    I play one of the PFC videos every morning just to start my day on a very positive note. Thank you PFC

  • Heidi Bransby

    I love you all :-) <3 God Bless.

  • Jane Stewart

    ♥ thank you, with love and a warm hug!

  • Lars Kjeldsen

    I just love you kids! Great performance. Next move will be to play the song together with my school class here in Denmark.

  • Angel Ruiz

    Love!!!! ♥♥♥ Kisses from Brazil!!!!

  • Gerrith

    I have deleted my feedback again. I love this site and had some comments with very positive intentions from my long professional life in film and education, to make this site even better.

    I realize there are people here who have a patent on “truth” and know exactly what may be written and what not. Playing for Change is for me about creating a change in the World, not creating a dictatorship on what are allowed to write or think and draw their own limited beliefs whatsoever over the head of all the others. Feedback for me is lifting each other up, so everyone have the chance to getting better – not holding each other down with own needs for control…

    midnightsun77 did give me a warm answer and did explain the different. Thank you for that and keep up the good spirit!

  • Lynnette Audiss

    I loved it is aswesome

  • Coolcooker

    Awesome, as are all the PFC music. Thank you.

  • Fabienne Menegaldo

    génial, vous venez de me réconcilier avec l’humanité et me donner de l’espoir pour un monde meilleur. Merci à vous continuez!

  • William Beil

    What a great message to pass along to all your fellow brothers and sisters all over the world. Love it!

  • Aurora Bourealis

    You guys all ROCK!!!! PLEASE keep it up!!!!

  • German Pulvett

    In Venezuela we need PlayingForChange :(

  • vitobertaudeau

    muy bien

  • Rômullo Machado

    wonderful :)